FIRST ANNOUNCMENT

Conference: Europe and its immigrants in the 21th century Zagreb, Croatia
May 11-12, 2017

Immigration in the 21st century is one of the biggest challenges for European countries as well as the world. Immigration requires strategic planning to adequately deal with the issues it presents to each country, for example, policy making, social pressures, work opportunities, health and education system pressures. We hope that the Zagreb conference will provide participants with the opportunity to express their ideas and possible solutions for solving the recent immigration issues being faced by Europe as well the world. In this regard we are providing a list of possible themes for presentations. This list is not exhaustive and presenters are welcome to present topics of their choice related to the conference theme. 

Suggested themes: 

* Managing international migration better: Principles and perspectives for gaining more from migration 

* The challenge of integration in Europe 

* Future demographic change in Europe: Contribution of migration 

* The new role of immigrants in the economies of Southeastern Europe 

* Building successful urban policy in the new era of migration 

* Selecting economic migrants 

* Integration processes of migrants: Research findings and policy lessons 

* Migrants and the European labour market 

* Migrants and immigration policy in Europe    

Best regards
Chairman of the conference
Dr.sc. Marin Sopta


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